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Why Having A Large Wedding Party Was The Best Decision Ever

Feb 16

I had 13 bridesmaids. Let that just sink in. 13 different, amazing, incredible women.

Our entire wedding party had 26 people including Matt and I.  Three of them are not pictured because my beautiful momma friend Allie was 3 weeks away from having her baby girl so her and her husband Curt could not fly across the county for our wedding.  The other important member missing is my brother in law, he was deployed and serving overseas as a Marines.  Valid excuses, right!


Now LET ME JUST TELL YOU how many opinions came flying our way when we would would get asked about how many people were in our party.  “You had HOW MANY bridesmaids??”

“You know that’s bad luck right?

“I couldn’t deal with that many women”

“The rules say you can only have 1 bridesmaid for every 50 people coming to the wedding”

“Something will go wrong with that many people”

“If your wedding is semiformal your should have 1-6 bridesmaids”

 My response out loud “I appreciate your input”, my response in my head ” I don’t care it’s not your wedding”.  In all seriousness though, I picked these women because of my relationship with them, not because of some number or tradition.  Which by the way…who made up these rules?  I’m not about that.


I absolutely loved having a large wedding party!  I was sure as hec not going to leave out one of my besties just because “it was not traditional”.  Screw traditional, I love my friends and I wanted them all to be a part of everything.  To be honest, I didn’t have a lot of super close friends from growing up.  I don’t have that one best friend I have known since preschool.  I am a child of divorce and spent 3 out of the 4 weekends in a month at my dad’s house who lived an hour away from where I went to school.  Which meant when my friends from school were hanging out on the weekends, I wasn’t there.  My best friend Emily is my only super close girlfriend from high school, we met in the 9th grade.  Then came college and I became super close with a group of girls, and they all became my family.  Every single girl that was a bridesmaid in my wedding I consider family.  Every single girl I trust with my life, my feelings, and my heart.  The best thing about all of them…they are all so different, but mesh together perfectly.  Everyone just seemed to gel throughout our whole wedding process, whether it was the bachlorette party, the wedding shower, or all the events leading up to the wedding itself. We had an absolute blast together!  Even 5 months later we still have a group text going. They are my people.


Now everyone has their own opinions, but this is my view on the subject. I personally think your wedding party should be people who make you happy and people you want to surround yourself with.  Don’t skimp because you are afraid of what people will think.  If you have 3 people or 15  that are extremely important to you, then just do it!  I don’t regret for 1 second having so many women in my bridal party, because the whole process would not have been the same without each and every one of them.  The great thing about friends is that everyone is different.  You talk to certain friends about certain things and they play different roles in your life, that’s what makes each relationship so special.

Honestly, the people in our wedding party are hands down the coolest and most fun group of people I know (even the guys). When Matt and I had our bachelor/bachelorette parties, we hosted them the same weekend. One of the days we planned it so everyone could meet and spend the afternoon together.  Matt and I didn’t know each other growing up or in college so this was important to us.  Even with both groups meshing, it just worked. After our wedding I had quite a few family members that said “I didn’t understand when you first told me you had 13 bridesmaids, but after meeting them…I get it”. DUHHH because they are the most amazing people in the world! But seriously, I am not only grateful that Matt and I have such incredible people in our lives, but that they want to be a part of ours.

Friends = Family. So here are a few tips for choosing the best bridal party ever!


  • Don’t care what anyone else thinks, you do you.  They have their own wedding to plan their own way.
  • Pick the people that make you most happy in life.
  • Think “Would this process feel the same without this person”.
  • Do you trust and love this person.
  • Will this person make me laugh, be a shoulder to cry on, relax me when I am feeling stressed.  Friends play all different roles, not everyone you pick will have every single quality, but make sure they bring you joy and will be able to pick you up if you get down.
  • If this is a new family member (i.e. a sister-in-law) do you see your relationship growing into more as life goes on?  Throughout your relationship with your partner, maybe you haven’t been given tons of time to develop a relationship with a new family member as strong as your friends.  Keep in mind, you will be with your partner and his family forever, so know your relationship will grow more and more with his family. Think into the future and choose wisely if you are deciding to include sister-in-laws or not.


Has anyone else had experience with a large bridal party? How was it?


xx Kayleigh

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  • Reply Brookelynn Jan 27 at 11:55 pm

    Thank you so much for this. I have 9 bridesmaids in my upcoming wedding, and I never thought twice about it, but people have given me the most horrible reactions and I started to second guess myself and started trying to make the Sophie’s Choice of my wedding party… Then I cam e across your article. <3 Let's just say that I keeping all of them now! They're my family.

    • Reply Kayleigh Christina Feb 1 at 5:18 pm

      Yayyy!! Oh my gosh I’m so happy you feel better about it now! YOU DO YOU when it comes to your wedding 🙂

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