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What Actually Happens When You Lift Weights

Jan 5

So you decide you want to drop a few pounds. What’s the first thing that comes to mind…

Cardio, Cardio, Cardio

While cardio plays a vital role in losing weight, it is just one factor out of many that play a major role in shedding fat.

We fixate on wanting to lose ‘weight’ when really what we mean is we want to lose fat.

If you only do cardio 6 days a week you will lose weight, but you are also losing water weight, fat weight, and most importantly muscle weight.

Now lets try incorporating lifting into the routine and see what happens…

A study was performed at Penn State where a large group of dieters were split into three groups. One with no exercise, one with only aerobic exercises, and one with both aerobic exercises and weight training. They all lost around 21 pounds.

So why even bother to lift? The weight change was about the same.

Because the group of dieters who utilized weight training as well as cardio lost on average 6 more pounds of fat than those who just performed aerobic exercises.

The lifters were shedding almost pure fat while the runners lost fat and muscle.

Lifting also increases the number of calories you burn while sitting. That’s because after you lift weights your muscles need to take energy from your body to repair the muscle fibers.

Most women get nervous when they hear the words ‘lift weights’. They immediately start thinking of how bulky or manly they might look if they start pumping iron.

My best advice is find a workout plan that has been made for women and incorporates lifting weights. My personal favorite is the Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Guide. It’s a FANTASTIC program that tones muscle and keeps your heart rate up to burn the maximum amount of calories possible.  Also, if you are in need of a great starter set of low pound weights, these ones are great and under $25!!

If you are interested in this guide and details on my experience, please email me at:

It’s most important to find what works best for you and find a plan you will actually stick to. Maybe lifting weights once a week is all you can do right now. That’s okay! We all need to start somewhere.

What’s your favorite weight training exercises?


//The Lokahi Sisters//

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