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Talking With The Creator Of Boho Beach Babe, Noelle Huerta

Feb 23


So one of my absolute favorite parts since launching this blog has been getting the chance to connect with some amazing beyond amazing people.  One of my favorite quotes was said by Jim Ron, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”  I believe this also extends to who you chose to surround yourself with.  By connecting and talking with different influencers and entrepreneurs I feel I have personally grown.  I’ve learned more best practices, fitness tips, recipes, how to stay motivated & passionate, and advice for personal growth.  It’s been incredible so far!

I’ve followed Boho Beach Babe on Instagram for quite some time now and it has always been a major inspiration of mine.  BBB is not just an online retailer of swimwear, it is  a unique boutique created by Noelle Huerta who has curated exactly who and what a Boho Beach Babe is.  What makes this online boutique so unique is that Noelle proudly puts her face on her brand and never hides behind her website.  She personally picks out and buys every single piece of swimwear on her website with boho beach babes around the world in mind.  If you have questions about sizing, fit, or finding that perfect suit, Noelle will personally chat with you and make sure you find what you are looking for. She also packs and ships out every single order herself!  Personal touch is something I have the utmost respect for, in a world where so many things are done over email and behind the internet, it’s great to feel connected and know you are buying from someone who has your best interest in mind & is truly passionate about what they do.

When I had the opportunity to chat with Noelle Huerta, founder and mega babe behind Boho Beach Babe, I was psyched!  So how does one turn their passion of sandy beaches and bikinis into a business and full time job by launching an online swimwear boutique with no prior online retail experience?

Now going into her 3rd season, Noelle will tell you:

| We are so so excited to have you on the blog!  Introduce yourself! |

Noelle Huerta: Thank you girls, excited to be featured! My name is Noelle Huerta, I am founder and the one woman show behind Boho Beach Babe, your online shopping destination for all things swimwear. I live in the small beach town of Cardiff by the Sea in sunny San Diego and am a true bikini addict!

| Okay so you are the founder of Boho Beach Babe, tell us about how you got started with that. 

NH: Boho Beach Babe was fueled by my obsession with swimwear, my soul telling me I needed to work for myself and something that I was passionate about. And if we are going to get real, I was going through a massive heartbreak and it drove me to find a way out of it. (<< Do what you love – such an inspiration!)

| What is your absolute favorite part about your job? |

NH: Oh man, there are SO many! I love LOVE seeing all the babes in the swimwear they buy from the site, receiving the friendly messages about how amazing they feel in it and the confidence that they exude. I also love doing photo shoots. I am naturally a creative person so to produce and style a shoot is the best.

It’s a lot of work but when you see the final product you can’t help but be extremely proud of what you created.

| You work with some amazing brands!!  How did you start to build those relationships? |

NH: When I first decided that I wanted to be in the swimwear industry I knew that social media was going to be my driving force in gaining traction and a following. I began reposting brands that I love, my favorite models and even created my own content and before I knew it I had brands reaching out to me. It was crazy at first for me to think that my favorite designers wanted me to carry their line, it was extremely flattering, and still is to this day. I am grateful for every relationship that I have built and hold them each close to my heart.

| We heard you had a full time job when you started BBB!  (<<I do too and my sister Theresa is a full time student!) How the hec did you manage and do you have any tips for people trying to do the same? |

NH: It was HARD! But I did it! At the time I started BBB I worked full time in catering so luckily my hours were much earlier than the normal job and I would be home around mid afternoon. This gave me the ability to get home, pick up my laptop and head to the local coffee shop where I would work until dark. I had to make sure I was extremely organized whether that was writing to-do lists, using the calendar app on my phone or giving myself deadlines. Since I juggle so much it is something I still have to do to keep myself on track.

| What fuels your passion for work every day? |

NH: You! My customers, my friends, the people I work with.

There really is nothing better than receiving an email or a photo from a girl that tells me how amazing they feel in their new bikini.

There are of course those days that I am scraping to find that passion and feel defeated but I take a breather and remember that I built this brand myself and that in itself is something to keep going.

| When you have free time (if you have any!) what do you love to do? |

NH: I spend time with my side kick Abe, aka the cutest French Bull dog ever to exist (not biased at all). I also love nothing more than spending time with my girl friends, they are a true light in my life. We love to go on adventures, love to go on snack runs to Whole Foods and of course lots and lots of beach time! I’ve also been really into podcasts! I feel like I can scroll through my instagram while listening to one and not feel like I am wasting my time. (I love to multitask by the way haha 🙂


| You do photo shoots in some pretty cool locations! Where has been you favorite? |

NH: Oh man, they are all amazing! Getting to do a photo shoot in Costa Rica was pretty awesome. I had never been and the house we stayed at was gorgeous and the beaches as well. I also styled a photo shoot for Surfline in Joshua Tree and that so fun. It was a long 2 day shoot in the heat but I can’t get enough of how the the editorial turned out.

| With how busy you are, how do you make time to stay healthy? |

NH: Just like work its all about being organized and balanced.   It’s reminding to go grocery shopping and planning meals so I’m not eating out all the time.  I try to eat at home as much as possible.

| Morning Ritual? |

NH: Since the new year I have started a new morning ritual.  I’ve started having a slower morning so I’m not so rushed.  That means allowing myself to slowly wake up, not looking at my phone immediately to check emails or Instagram.

My new thing is to journal something that made me happy the day before, I want to start my day with gratefulness.

If you start your day that way you will feel happier and not so hectic. (<< guys I’m obsessed with this) After I get up a make warm water with turmeric & lemon. (<<love turmeric)  I like to make a meal I will actually enjoy eating and focus on eating slower.  Be aware of what you are putting in your body, so you can conduct your business better and your energy will be positive.  My favorite thing to do is heat up coconut oil, mix in turmeric and black better, then let cool so it can harden.  That way in the morning or throughout the day I can just take a scoop of my coconut oil mix and throw it in some warm water or coconut milk.  (<<SO trying this).  When it is time to look at my phone, the first email I look at is “Waking Up With Ryan“.  You can sign up for free to receive his emails and in them he writes a positive message, a morning practice to make your first 5 minutes happy and successful, and has a powerful thought of the week. (<<I just signed up!)

| Favorite way to stay active? |

NH: Anything outside! I love to go for a long beach run or do a stairs combo. Whenever I can fit in a yoga class or a hike, I love to add that to my routine as well.

| What advice do you have for anyone wanting to make that leap and start their own company? |

NH: JUST DO IT! As cliche as that sounds, once you truly believe in yourself and in your project, you have to just take the leap. Ask for advice. When I first started out, I didn’t know the first thing about buying, but luckily I found myself around people who helped advise me on how much to buy and when until I learned on my own.

| Any 2016 goals? |

NH: I do! In 2016 I would like to continue growing and adding more brands to my site. I would like to solely focus on swimwear and become a bikini expert so to say. I would like to create some killer photo shoots and do more collaborations with brands and creatives.


| What are 5 pieces from your website you are LOVING right now? |

NH : Well this might be my most favorite question asked haha 😉

1) Stone FoxSwim – (<<their whole collection is just perfection and this banana leaf top is incredible)

2) Aloé Swimwear – (<<super sweet designer from Australia with some amazing suits, especially this reversible one! Boho Beach Babe is one of the only retailers in the US to carry her brand)

3) Cali Dreaming Swimwear – (<<delicate pieces with hints of navy and rose gold)

4) Issa de Mar – (<<made for the active girl at the beach but still wants to look sexy – this one is my favorite!!)

5) Flynn Skye– (<<her dresses & rompers are just everything, especially this one and this one)


AND GUYS…Noelle is so amazing that she is offering all Lokahi Sisters readers 15% their entire purchase on Boho Beach Babe…so go buy a sexy swim suit and enter in the code: lokahi15 at check out 🙂


xx Kayleigh


//The Lokahi Sisteres//



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