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Kayleigh Christina Clark is the creative blogger and influencer behind Kayleigh Christina,
a wellness and lifestyle blog. She is also a Certified Holistic Health Coach
and the creator of the KC 5-Day Whole Foods Cleanse.






  • Top 11 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

    Apr 19

    I was talking to one of my best friend’s the other day and she told me that after having an appointment with her doctor she was told to avoid inflammatory foods and incorporate more anti-inflammatory foods.  When she called me, she said she is totally willing to do this, but what are those foods that will decrease inflammation? Better yet,…

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  • How Wheat Is Poisoning Your Body

    Apr 4

    I have been wanting to write this post for a while. It’s a very sensitive subject because well…people are seriously, seriously attached to bread and pasta.  Like real deal obsessed. Try taking pasta, pizza, or a sandwich away from someone and watch them snap. When I tell someone I have Celiac Disease, a disease in which the small intestine is hypersensitive…

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  • Chocolate Banana Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

    Mar 29

    Boy oh boy I’ve got a great recipe for you guys today!  Have you tried chia seed pudding?  If you haven’t, crawl out from that rock you’ve been hiding under and try this out ASAP!  I love to enjoy this for breakfast, but seriously you can have it anytime.  It’s very dessert-ish, so swap out your processed sugar filled ice…

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  • Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Jalapeno Poppers

    Mar 23

    First things first, sorry I’ve been absent this week with the posts!  I hope you enjoyed my skin story and Spring Training Getaway posts last week, but I realize I haven’t posted since then!  If you follow me on instagram (@TheLokahiLifestyle) I gave you a little insight as to why.  My travel season for work has picked up and I have…

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  • Arizona Spring Training Weekend Getaway

    Mar 13

    I recently got back from one of the most memorable, spur of the moment, weekend trips of my life. It wasn’t anything overly expensive or extravagant. Actually the whole weekend only cost us $150, and that was mainly gas!  My fiance, Matt, and I are pretty laid back.  We love and appreciate getting the chance to indulge in extravagant experiences, but…

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  • BLT Pizza Recipe: Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free

    Mar 10

    Raise your hand if you like pizza. Cool, everyone’s hand is raised, right? I loveeee pizza but let’s be real, having Celiacs and also being lactose intolerant, pizza doesn’t like me back.  Good news is New Grains Bakery makes gluten-free pizza crust. (cue emoji with hands in the air).  My prayers have been answered!  New Grains Bakery is actually an…

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  • Model Lauren LeBouef Talks American Eagle Campaign, Eating Clean & Inspiring Others

    Mar 8

    Happy Tuesday!!  Today is a great day because I have the gorgeous Lauren LeBouef on the blog!  Lauren is a freelance model living in San Diego.  She has modeled for American Eagle, Brandy Melville, Sun Diego, Show Me Your Mumu, Valleau Apparel, and many more!  After interviewing Lauren I learned how incredibly down to earth, faith driven, and extremely humble…

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  • Start Your Health Journey: An Important and Exciting Announcement

    Mar 1

    Hey guys!  Happy Tuesday!  I hope everyone’s week is off to a great start.  If you follow me on snapchat (kay_bush) you know I have been using the productivity time cube so my week has been awesome so far and incredibly efficient. Over the past couple of months I have gotten a lot of requests to personally go over what people…

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  • Probably The Best Nike Sale EVER!!!

    Feb 28

    Pixel Sports Bra |  Blue Boy Shorts | White Striped Tank | Grey Nike Pro Leggings | White Razorback Tank | Nike Pro Shorts | Static Sports Bra | Black Norts | White Lux Studio Top | Black & White Camo Leggings Guys!!  Nike is having a huge sale and it is ahhhhmazing!! But seriously. They have tons of clothing…

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Kayleigh Christina

Kayleigh is a force in the wellness space that after years of suffering sever digestive issues, imbalanced hormones, a liver disorder, celiac disease and inflamed organs discovered what you put into your body is directly related to how you look and feel. She has a passion for all things wellness living by her 8 Pillars for a Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle: Drink Lots, Eat Mindfully, Sleep Well, Stress Less, Love More, Sweat Regularly, Self-Care, and Be Present. Kayleigh believes that looking at the positive side of everything sets you up for a healthy and happy mindset. For example, you should never have cheat meals, but instead treat yourself. With an authentic voice and #NoNegativity attitude, Kayleigh created this blog as a space for people who want to grow into their happiest and healthiest self.

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