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  • Iskiate (Chia Fresca): A Natural Superfood Energy Drink

    Jun 6

    My sister, Theresa, recently told me about the book she is reading ‘Born To Run’ (which I am super excited to start reading!).  This book talks about the Mexican Tarahumara Indians “the running people”, a tribe of athletes that for thousands of years have been running 50 to 100 miles at a time…for fun.  Yes you read that right, for…

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  • Ice Cube Facials: A Bomb Dot Com Beauty Tip

    May 19

    Yup you read that right. Ice Cube Facials! Sooo I kinda sorta really love these.  Like A LOT. Remember back in high school when you would twist your ankle playing sports and the trainer’s instructions were to go home, elevate your leg, and ice it to bring down the swelling?  Well same goes for your face!  Ice = reduces swelling.…

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  • Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie

    May 17

    Okay, curl up in your pjs, snuggle in a blanket, put on your favorite movie, and whip up this dessert…I mean smoothie.  If you follow me on snapchat (kay_bush) then you already know I literally make this smoothie everyday.  I’ll have it first thing in the morning, as an afternoon snack, or like I mentioned above, for a late night…

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  • Meet The DIY Cleanse Creators – Tenley Molzahn and Emily Potter

    Apr 30

    Hey everyone! Today on the blog I have Emily Potter and Tenley Molzahn, founders of the DIY Cleanse! I have been super excited to introduce these ladies to you all, because they just get it, in every way possible. They truly know how to live a balanced, lokahi lifestyle. So when Emily & Tenley agreed to be on the blog…

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  • Top 11 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

    Apr 19

    I was talking to one of my best friend’s the other day and she told me that after having an appointment with her doctor she was told to avoid inflammatory foods and incorporate more anti-inflammatory foods.  When she called me, she said she is totally willing to do this, but what are those foods that will decrease inflammation? Better yet,…

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  • How Wheat Is Poisoning Your Body

    Apr 4

    I have been wanting to write this post for a while. It’s a very sensitive subject because well…people are seriously, seriously attached to bread and pasta.  Like real deal obsessed. Try taking pasta, pizza, or a sandwich away from someone and watch them snap. When I tell someone I have Celiac Disease, a disease in which the small intestine is hypersensitive…

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  • Chocolate Banana Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

    Mar 29

    Boy oh boy I’ve got a great recipe for you guys today!  Have you tried chia seed pudding?  If you haven’t, crawl out from that rock you’ve been hiding under and try this out ASAP!  I love to enjoy this for breakfast, but seriously you can have it anytime.  It’s very dessert-ish, so swap out your processed sugar filled ice…

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  • Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Jalapeno Poppers

    Mar 23

    First things first, sorry I’ve been absent this week with the posts!  I hope you enjoyed my skin story and Spring Training Getaway posts last week, but I realize I haven’t posted since then!  If you follow me on instagram (@TheLokahiLifestyle) I gave you a little insight as to why.  My travel season for work has picked up and I have…

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  • Arizona Spring Training Weekend Getaway

    Mar 13

    I recently got back from one of the most memorable, spur of the moment, weekend trips of my life. It wasn’t anything overly expensive or extravagant. Actually the whole weekend only cost us $150, and that was mainly gas!  My fiance, Matt, and I are pretty laid back.  We love and appreciate getting the chance to indulge in extravagant experiences, but…

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Kayleigh Christina

Kayleigh is a force in the wellness space that after years of suffering severe digestive issues, post birth control syndrom, leaky gut, and celiac disease she discovered what you put into your body is directly related to how you look and feel. Kayleigh the co-founder of CLEARstem Skincare, the first anti-aging and anti-acne line with zero toxins, co-host of the Balancing Your Hustle Podcast and author of Healing with Apple Cider Vinegar: 115 Recipes for Health, Beauty and Home. She has been featured in a variety of podcasts as well as the San Diego Voyager, Chicago Tribune, NY Daily News, and on Good Morning LALA Land. 

Her why: To connect, make a positive impact and inspire people to become the best possible versions of themselves. You can follow along on Instagram for the most up to date things in her life on Instagram: Kayleigh.Christina

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