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Kayleigh Christina Clark is the creative blogger and influencer behind Kayleigh Christina,
a wellness and lifestyle blog. She is also a Certified Holistic Health Coach
and the creator of the KC 5-Day Whole Foods Cleanse.






  • Healthy Travel Snacks To Throw In Your Bag

    Feb 7

    Hey guys! I’m off traveling again, spending the week in North Carolina for work. It will be a very busy week and with my schedule I will not have the autonomy to eat whenever and where ever so I have to be prepared! Prepared for me means having the right snacks and fuel so I do not make poor eating…

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    Jan 31

    I’ve been super into cold therapy lately. Remember when I talked about ice cube facials and all the benefits? Well let’s just say I’ve been doing a bit more than that.  I upgraded my inflammation fighting and collagen boosting cold therapy obsession to standing in a chamber set to -150 degrees F.  Yes, that’s a thing.  It’s called cryotherapy…and it’s AMAZING!…

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  • Health Shaming Is A Thing And It Needs To Stop

    Jan 26

    Have you ever encountered this situation? You are out to eat with a group of friends or colleagues.  Everyone orders their food, and when it’s your turn, you order a salad  with no cheese, an olive oil based dressing, and extra avocado.  All the sudden you get eye rolls, and remarks about you “making everyone else feel bad”.  You laugh it off, but…

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  • First Time Fasting: How & Why We Did a 3 Day Fast

    Jan 12

    YUP so Matt and I did a fast! We did a real deal, no food, 3 day fast. Some may think we’re crazy, hec we think we are a little crazy. But just wait until you hear all of the incredible benefits before making any judgements.  After reading Dr. Dom D’Agostino’s section in Tim Ferriss’s new book, “Tools of Titans:…

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  • Why I’ve Been Sipping on Mushroom Coffee

    Jan 9

    When it comes to the world’s most powerful superfoods, many of us don’t immediately think of mushrooms. I mean…poor mushrooms get a bad rap.  Some people like them but others get super creeped out by their texture, taste, and the fact they are fungi.  Usually the mushrooms that come to mind are Portobello, Shiitake, and Button, but there are other medicinal mushrooms…

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  • New Years Resolutions Goals

    Jan 1

    Guys… Resolutions suck. They are the worst. I read this quote a while back and it nailed exactly what I was thinking: “Resolutions are to resolve something. What do I have to resolve?  I’m not a problem.  I am a living, breathing human being, sure I make mistakes and I mess up, but I am most certainly not a problem.”…

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  • Kayleigh Christina 5 Day Cleanse

    Dec 21

    It’s hereeeee!!!!!  Guys I am so excited that the Kayleigh Christina Whole Foods 5 Day Cleanse is FINALLY HERE!! Just in time for a last minute Christmas gift too. FRIENDS THAT CLEANSE TOGETHER STAY TOGETHER …that’s how the saying goes right?? I have spent countless hours putting together the best information and recipes in this book for you all.  …

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  • Last Minute Holiday Gift Guides

    Dec 20

    Anyone the MOST last minute person like I am?  I feel like I have had 54935749067 things going on and totally forgot that I wanted to round up my favorite gifts!  These are great because not only can they be used for any last minute gift ideas but you can also check them out after the Holiday’s to spend a…

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  • Dark Chocolate Cherry Cookie Dough Bites (Paleo, Vegan & Gluten-Free)

    Dec 19

    An unexpected and perfect Sunday Yesterday Matt and I had the most unexpected day and it turned out to be exactly what we needed.  We had planned to go to church with friends, have breakfast, then go home and get work done for the rest of the day.  At breakfast with our friends we were convinced to attend their evening Christmas party…

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  • How To Go A Week Without Washing Your Hair

    Dec 13

    Guys I did my first Youtube video (posted below)!!  I definitely plan on doing more, but bear with me as my video editing skills are nooooot the best. So I totally winged this one with no editing, and just posted it from my phone.  I was really feeling it so WHY NOT. I decided randomly to do this video because every…

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Kayleigh Christina

Kayleigh is a force in the wellness space that after years of suffering sever digestive issues, imbalanced hormones, a liver disorder, celiac disease and inflamed organs discovered what you put into your body is directly related to how you look and feel. She has a passion for all things wellness living by her 8 Pillars for a Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle: Drink Lots, Eat Mindfully, Sleep Well, Stress Less, Love More, Sweat Regularly, Self-Care, and Be Present. Kayleigh believes that looking at the positive side of everything sets you up for a healthy and happy mindset. For example, you should never have cheat meals, but instead treat yourself. With an authentic voice and #NoNegativity attitude, Kayleigh created this blog as a space for people who want to grow into their happiest and healthiest self.

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