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New Years Resolutions Goals

Jan 1

Guys… Resolutions suck. They are the worst.

I read this quote a while back and it nailed exactly what I was thinking:

“Resolutions are to resolve something. What do I have to resolve?  I’m not a problem.  I am a living, breathing human being, sure I make mistakes and I mess up, but I am most certainly not a problem.”

If you are making a resolution you are focusing on the negative, focusing on what you did wrong, what you didn’t accomplish. Hey guess what… WHO CARES. Resolutions are looking backwards, goals are looking forward.

Okay so no resolutions, ya with me? But it’s the New Year and it’s time for a refreshing start, so what now?


Goals are not just WHAT you want to accomplish but WHY you want to accomplish it, HOW you will do it, and WHO will keep you accountable.

Let me explain…

THE WHY: Why do you want to accomplish your certain goal? Why do you want to lose weight, get that job promotion, start your own business, eat healthier, exercise more? What is your driving force?  Is your goal to be the best possible version of yourself?  If you don’t know WHY you want to do it, you never will actually do it. Plain and simple.

THE WHAT: Based on your why, what will you do to accomplish your goal? What do you want to accomplish this year, heck, what do you want to accomplish in the next month?  What will you push yourself to do this year? What have you been twiddling your thumbs about finally starting? What are your passions? What kind of person do you want to be?

Think about the good things you want to make better. Not the negative things of your life. That is demoralizing and will only demotivate you and get you down. We want to think of things that will ignite our passions and make us happy.

THE HOW: How will you accomplish those things this year? How will you push yourself? How will you start your next project? How will you become the person you want to be?

THE WHO: Who is keeping you accountable, pushing you, checking in with you?  Is it a reliable friend who will push you to be your best self? Or is it a health coach for meal planning, guidance, support, and advice?

Creating a Goal.

Resolution vs. Goal

A resolution is a statement, a goal is a step by step process.


The below picture are resolutions…a terrible way to start off  your New Year.  They can not be measured, you cannot be held accountable for them, and there is no step by step way to achieve them.  I cringe just looking at this. Well to be honest, there is one that really cracks me up. “Complain less” ….did you count how many times you complained last year and are now going to tally every time you complain this year to compare?

Resolution: I want to lose weight.

This is statistically the number 1 New Year’s Resolution and it is the THE WORST!!! Why do you want to lose weight? How much weight do you want to lose?  How will you do it? Will you join a gym for 1 month like the rest of the world and then give up 4 weeks later?  Will you change your diet? What are you willing to do to make that happen? What is your driving force? Do you have an accountability partner?

No just no. Make it a goal, a measurable quantifiable goal.


WHY: I want to be the best possible version of myself, starting with eating healthy.

I want to feel energized every day, sleep better, focus more at work, and feel good about myself. I want to lower my fat content to reduce the risk of developing diseases and cancers. I want to stop eating so much processed foods that weigh me down and cause me to gain consistent weight. I want to wake up feeling happy about the way I feel and look.

WHAT: I will lose 15 pounds by March 1st by paying attention to what I eat, making modifications to my diet, and daily routine to make sure I am focused on being the best version of myself.

HOW:  Break down your goal into monthly, weekly, daily, and right now steps.


  • Lose 5 pounds per month
  • Talk with my accountability partner or health coach about my progress, accomplishments, and struggles
  • Plan out the month to see what road blocks I might encounter that would hinder me from achieving my goal
  • Stop buying junk food and keeping it in the house so I am less likely to binge eat when I am starving
  • Remove dairy products from my diet because it not only disrupts my hormones but leads to weight gain which will put me farther from my goal
  • Reduce alcohol consumption from my diet because it directly relates to weight gain


  • Grocery shop to stock my fridge and pantry with healthy, unprocessed foods
  • Schedule times in my calendar to work out: Going for a walk, taking a workout class with a friend, etc.
  • Choose to drink soda water and lemon instead of alcohol on the weekends


  • Make a healthy smoothie for breakfast instead of eating a bagel.
  • Make my own lunch instead of eating out or skipping lunch.
  • Drink 3 liters of water a day

Right Now

  • Purchase a simple, clean meal plan to teach me how to make and eat a healthy, unprocessed diet.
  • Start meal planning for the week
  • Drink a glass of water
  • The next meal I eat will be full of greens and veggies to get off to a great start!

WHO: Who is your accountability partner that you will share this with?  Who is going to help keep you on track? Who can you also be an accountability partner for?

Tips for staying focused on your goals

  • Set a date for your goal
  • If your goal does not get accomplished in the time you set, don’t get depressed over it. Think: What can I do different this month to make it more of a priority? Your goals are your priorities, they are important and should be top of mind.
  • Keep goals realistic – Goals are not meant to stress and overwhelm you. They are meant for you to work towards and strive for.
  • Think big goal, small steps – If you struggle to keep the house clean start by just making the bed in the morning or doing the dishes after dinner. Make those a habit and then build upon them.
  • Make your goals personal – You have to have a strong WHY when making a goal, so don’t just make a goal because someone else did. You have to do it because you want to, and you have to know why you want to do it.
  • Create your goals with a partner – have both individual goals and partner goals. They could be goals with your significant other, best friend, or work friend. It’s always good to have someone to check in with about your goals.
  • Make goals that you can accomplish in a shorter amount of time so you can get quick incentives back you can attain those faster, therefore making you happy and excited to set your next goal.

So let me hear it! What are your New Years Goals?

xx Kayleigh

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