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Meet NOKA Founders Ryan Werner & Adam Steiner

Feb 8

You guys know we are all about a healthy, active lifestyle fueled by REAL food.  This is why we are so so excited to have Ryan & Adam, co-founders of NOKA Superfood Blends, on the blog today!

NOKA Superfood Blends are a nutritious, refreshing boost of energy for an everyday active lifestyle made from only organic foods. (<<obsessed!!)  They are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and in BPA free packaging.  I mean…can it get any better?

From the second I heard Ryan & Adam’s story and tried NOKA for myself, I knew we had to get them on the blog!! These guys are awesome, and have created such a killer product to fuel you before a workout, during a workout, running late to a meeting, or simply when you don’t have access to real, nutritious food.  NOKA Superfood Blends are designed to make you feel refreshed, nourished, and sustained.  The crazy part is, Ryan & Adam come from no experience in the food industry, they are just two guys from the west coast who have a passion for fueling their body with healthy and nutritious food. When they couldn’t find anything currently on the market that fit their needs, they created NOKA!


Let me give you a little back story.  I found out about NOKA because of their Kickstarter campaign.  Kickstarter’s mission is to help bring creative passions to life. (<<so cool!) I love them for two main reason: 1. It creates a platform for people with a creative dream to make it happen  2. It allows anyone who believes in someone else’s dream to contribute money to help them reach their goal.  After I listened to Ryan and Adam’s story about how they decided to create NOKA, I was all in! So I contributed to NOKA’s Kickstarter campaign.  Those of you who aren’t familiar, when you contribute to a campaign there are different levels of contribution.  Based on the level you give, you get something in return (only if the person reaches their Kickstarter goal), typically it’s the product or service itself.  After I contributed I kept checking to see if they hit their goal, and they did!  A few weeks later I had a package in the mail with tons of NOKA Superfood Blend packets! I was SUPER excited to try these.  After my first one, I was hooked!!  Since they don’t need to be refrigerated it makes for the perfect snack to store anywhere.  I have one in each of my purses, my suitcase, my car, all over the place!

On that note, let me introduce Ryan Werner & Adam Steiner, creators of NOKA Superfood Blends:

| Hi Ryan & Adam! It’s great to have you both on the blog!  Tell us a little about yourselves. |

Hey, Kayleigh! Thanks for having us on The Lokahi Sisters blog.  We’re thrilled you like NOKA and want to share it with your community.

A little background on us. Adam and I have no experience in the food world, except for making stuff like smoothies in our own kitchens. Adam was a corporate attorney and I was a less educated sports media salesperson. So, NOKA has been a real adventure for the both of us.

| We absolutely love NOKA products! How did the idea of NOKA Superfood Blends come about? |

Adam’s always been big into cycling, but I started taking up mountain biking in the Santa Monica Mountains behind my home in the last couple of years. We went on a ride on a hot day and the gu’s/gels that we took were so thick they made us sick to our stomach. We were craving something healthier, lighter, more refreshing and made with real food, so we spent the next two years developing the product we wanted and bringing it to market. We just launched this last month in January.

 | What has been the hardest part about creating and launching NOKA?|

As a startup, we don’t have a big marketing budget. We put all of our resources into making the best possible product. So, breaking through the clutter and getting our name out there and recognized is the hardest part. But, feedback from people who have tried the product has been absolutely amazing so we’re confident that word of mouth will really help spread the word. Also, we’re going to be partnering with a lot of really cool brands that we admire in the new year, so you’ll be seeing more of us around.

| Why is NOKA Superfood Blends different from everything else out there? |

NOKA Superfood Blends strike a balance that we found completely missing from the marketplace of snack foods: true nutrition and naturally delicious flavor from organic whole fruits and veggies, packaged to be refreshing anytime and anywhere you want it. Think about all the times you wish you had a ripe piece of fruit on-the-go — long bike rides, overseas flights, racing between meeting, before your workout. NOKA can be with you in all of those occasions without a stop to the smoothie bar or grocery store each time. NOKA pouches retain the natural water content of fruits and veggies, so eating a NOKA is like biting into a ripe mango when otherwise your choice is a bar of a pack of chips. At 110 calories our blends are a lighter, and more refreshing choice that tastes amazing!


| How have things changed since the launch of NOKA? |

We don’t know where to bury all of our cash….just kidding. We just launched last month, but we’re feeling very good about where we are. We have a lot of irons in the fire.

| What has been the best moment so far in your careers? |

Launching NOKA, no question!

| You both live an active lifestyle, what are your favorite activities/workouts to do in your free time? |

Adam lives in Park City, a  Mecca of outdoor sports, so he gets out boarding, nordic skiing, backcountry touring, and biking a ton. I live in Santa Monica, so I spend most of my free time in traffic. The rest I spend hiking and biking in the Santa Monica Mountains and up around Malibu. I also spend a lot of time in the Sierras skiing and dirt biking with my dad.  Does walking my girlfriend’s dogs in a stroller count too? We both also do a lot of yoga.

| I have to say the Sweet Potato/ Goji Flavor has to be my favorite, it tastes just like Pumpkin Pie!  Any more flavors on the radar? |

We have a ton of ideas for future flavors but we don’t want to ruin the surprise! (<<we can’t wait!!)


| We LOVE that you incorporate powerful superfoods into NOKA, what are the must have superfoods in your diets? |  

We’re really strong believers in a well-rounded diet, which is why we put so many great ingredients into our blends. Anything that’s plant-based and colorful is a good bet. They tend to be the most nutrient-rich foods.

| Do you have a go-to smoothie recipe you can share with us? |

Almond milk, frozen bananas, frozen dates, peanut or almond butter, cacao nibs, and vegan protein powder. Pretty simple but always hits the spot!  (<<totally making that now)

 |  What is the best advice you have received?  OR  What piece of advice can you give someone who wants to launch their own product? |

Have a million conversations with people that have done what you’re trying to do. You will always learn something

| Why should everyone go and buy NOKA Superfood Blends? |

They’re refreshing and they taste so damn good! They’re also so versatile. Take them on bike rides, hike, runs, and up on the mountain. Keep them in your desk. Throw them in your work or gym bag. They really are the ideal on-the-go snack to fuel your workout and the answer for any other time you don’t have access to real, nutritious food.

| What does the future look like for you both?  Any big 2016 goals? |

On the NOKA front, we’re going to keep charging ahead to get NOKA into more stores and more hands. On a personal front, we’ve had it in the back of our minds for a while to try to summit Mt. Whitney. So, we’re going to be doing a lot of climbing, literally and figuratively

If anyone is interested in learning more about NOKA or chatting with Ryan & Adam about their business ventures, they can be reached at

Use the code $5offnoka for $5 off your purchase at

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Have you tried NOKA Superfood Blends yet?  Let us know what you think!!


//The Lokahi Sisters//

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