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Healthy Eats At Petco Park

Jun 15

Summer is amazing for obvious reasons, but in San Diego, the weather feels summer-ish all year round.  So what makes summer so great for me…


Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres is kind of my second home.  No seriously, I’ve been to about 10+ games already this season.  The only downfall of going to that many games is typical baseball food is not known for being very healthy.  Quite the opposite actually.  When you think baseball food you think hotdogs, pizza, nachos, french fries, ice cream…right? So how do you find those healthy choices at the ballpark?  Well good thing you stumbled upon this post because I am going to show you the heathiest options for snacks, meals, and desserts at Petco Park!  Even better, Petco Park has lots of gluten-free and dairy-free options!  So everyone who has certain food allergies can actually eat and enjoy their food at the ballpark! Also, keep on the lookout because I will be doing a much more extensive post on the healthiest options at each ballpark in the US!  So everyone can find a healthy choice no matter what park you go to.

ALSO this does not mean I eat perfectly healthy at every game or ballpark I go to.  But…MODERATION is key.  This post is here to highlight when you do want to look for healthy options.

First up to bat…

TIP #1:  Fill up on a meal BEFORE you hit the ballpark, that way your eyes won’t be larger than your stomach when it comes to food.  I know for me, the smells of ballpark food can take me over and make me want EVERYTHING.  Soooo it’s best not to arrive starving if you can plan it.

Snacks At Petco Park

When you think baseball snacks you think french fries, nachos, peanuts & cracker jacks, right? None of those are the least bit healthy, especially when you are sitting in your seat for 3+ hours.  So what does Petco Park offer as healthy additions?  Take a look below!

Here is a picture of what Matt and I had the other week at Petco Park.  We actually weren’t very hungry at this game because we had a super filling breakfast.  So we were kinda just snacking at this point.

More healthy snack choices offered at Petco Park! (Minus the Skittles that snuck into my picture!)

Healthy-eats-at-petco-park-seaside-marketTIP #2: Bring your own snacks!  Yes, Petco Park allows you to bring in food.  So what better way to control what you eat, get exactly what you want, and save money! Below are some examples of snacks I have brought in with me to the ballpark

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Freeze dried strawberries from Target, and my favorite, a Phive Bar!  Phive Bar’s are certified organic and non gmo, they contain no artificial ingredients, no added sugar, no gluten, no soy, and 100% delicious! Also, they are made right here in San Diego.


Lunch & Dinner At Petco Park

Now sometimes I come to game right after work and I’m pretty hungry.  That’s when I LOVE to hit up Seaside Market in Petco Park.  It’s by far my favorite place to eat in the park and filled with TONS of healthy options!  Seaside market has a killer salad bar, a sushi station, fresh fruit in farmers market stands, acai bowls, frozen yogurt, squeeze your own orange juice station, grilled paninis, and lots more.  My go to is their avocado kale salad, some salmon sashimi, and a smart water.  Matt’s favorite is a panini and some sushi. Check out all the pictures below for lots of dinner options at Seaside Market. These are all pictures I have taken at games in the past year. Healthy-eats-at-petco-park-seaside-marketHealthy-eats-at-petco-park-seaside-market4Healthy-eats-at-petco-park-seaside-marketHealthy-eats-at-petco-park-seaside-market7Healthy-eats-at-petco-park-seaside-market17

I know I know…I like to eat a lot a salads, maybe salads aren’t your thing.  So what other healthy choice can you make?

TIP#3:  Change up your sandwich.  Do you have a favorite sandwich you love to get? Why not ask for it “open face” aka only bread on the bottom and not on the top.  You can also do this yourself by just throwing out that top piece of bread. This way you are getting rid of half the bread and making a healthier choice.

TIP#4: Want some meat?  Ask for grilled chicken instead of fried!

TIP #5: Nachos your vibe?  At Seaside market they have Tri-tip nachos! Ask for half the amount of chips and half the amount of cheese.  You won’t even notice the little differences but your body certainly will!

Now if you are lucky enough to be sitting in the Lexus Club, you have some more amazing options that are included with your seat.  When Matt and I sat there for a game this summer we indulged in some fish tacos, chips and guac, and fresh fruits and veggies.  There was even some Perfect Bars so I had to have my favorite Almond Coconut flavor.  

Dessert At Petco Park

Gone are the days where your only option is ice cream! With a wide array of dessert options at Petco Park, they also have some incredible guilt-free healthy choices!  I love to grab a Justin’s Peanut Butter Cup or an Acai Bowl.  Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups use high quality, local and all-natural ingredients.  This is why I was super excited to see them offered in Petco Park this season!  Ordering an Acai Bowl will have a good amount of sugar because its all blended fruit with fruit toppings, but it’s an awesome alternative if you wanted to get ice cream. Both are great choices to get your sweet fix without sacrificing your health.





I am going to apologize now for not having any pictures, but next game I go to I will take some of the drinks and upload them on here! Petco Park has more than just beer, which is great because if you want to make a healthier choice for a drink, vodka or tequila is the way to go! My go-to drink is a tequila with sparkling water and tons of limes.  This will drastically reduce your sugar consumption and your calorie intake will be about 65 calories! Crazy right?  Luckily Petco park has a tequila booth with different options.

Bottom of the 9th…

Last tip! TIP#6: Get up and walk around!!  Games last upwards of 3 hours, don’t be in your seat the entire time!  Take 10 minutes away from the game to walk a few laps around the park, explore, and people watch (my favorite).

Question: What are your favorite healthy foods to eat at Petco Park?  Or what healthy choices have you found at your local ballpark?

Xx Kayleigh

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  • Reply Janelle Kruger Aug 17 at 3:35 pm

    I just stumbled across this post after googling gluten free at Petco Park. Thank you for all your pictures and research!!! I was dreading going to a game, but now I want to go starving and try everything:-) I was diagnosed with Celiac a year ago and it’s been a “learning” experience to say the least.

    • Reply Kayleigh Christina Feb 1 at 5:26 pm

      Oh my gosh YAYY!! I’m so glad! Petco Park has so many awesome options for health gluten-free foodies like ourselves! Enjoy the game!

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