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  • Fat Burning Circuit Training Workout [Less Than 30 Minutes]

    Feb 3

    I hope you guys enjoyed Monday’s post with weight loss mistakes.  I have definitely fallen for all of them at some point in my lift! Shawn mentioned that the most effective way to lose weight is to do circuit training. This circuit training routine I do twice a week will burn lots of fat and block your body from storing fat, sugars,…

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  • Turmeric Golden Milk And It’s Magical Benefits

    Feb 2

    Sooo I know I said I would post my workout today, but I have gotten so many questions about my Turmeric Golden Milk after posting about it on insta, I knew I had to give you guys the deets! I found out about Golden Milk AKA Turmeric Tea while researching a million ways to reduce inflammation and detox my liver.…

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  • Shawn Stevenson’s 5 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

    Jan 31

    Shawn Stevenson is the bomb!! If you haven’t heard of him, check him out here. He is SO spot on with health & fitness it’s insane.  Lemme fill you in on Shawn: Shawn Stevenson is a bestselling author and creator of The Model Health Show featured as the #1 Nutrition and Fitness podcast on iTunes (<<if this is not in…

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  • What I Ate On The Road: Complete Breakdown

    Jan 28

    I have to admit, it’s hard to eat healthy while traveling! You are constantly tempted with quick, easy, and accessible foods that most of the time are the worst for you!  You feel run down, tired, and maybe getting a little hangry to the point where that Mcdonald’s across the street is looking reaaaaaaal good…does that sound familiar?  I feel…

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  • The Powerful Benefits Of Bulletproof Coffee

    Jan 26

    Bulletproof Coffee…It’s become a bit of a craze, have you heard of it? It’s magical! And it’s 100% completely normal to think it sounds strange, because it definitely does.  I have to admit I thought it was totally weird that first time I heard about it.  You put WHAT in your coffee??  But this guys…is a serious game changer. For…

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  • 7 Tips For Eating Healthy When Traveling

    Jan 24

    I’m currently on a plane on my way to San Fran for the week!  Banana in purse, giant water bottle in hand, and a comfy cozy blanket wrapped around me.   I already gave you guys some tips on dealing with the struggles of eating at the airport, but now that I’m traveling for the week I wanted to share some ways…

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  • Why I Cut Ties With Starbucks & What I Replaced It With

    Jan 22

    I broke up with Starbucks. Well, not totally. I broke up with their gross, nasty, pesticide containing, processed sugar filled drinks.  Like the ones you should avoid in my post about dangerous sugars here. I still drink their tea (with nothing added) & the cold pressed Evolution Juice they carry. Mint Majesty is my jam.  Matt & Starbucks on the other…

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  • My Morning Detox Drink

    Jan 18

    Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a killer weekend and your ready to take this week head on. This weekend I felt like we just got sh** done!  We hung out with friends, relaxed, I read this awesome book, got our sweat on, the grinch aka Matt took down our Christmas decorations, and we finished all the grocery shopping for the…

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  • The Nasty Truth About Sugar

    Jan 13

    I recently read a post about sugar that my friend shared via Facebook.  The article listed off all the reasons why sugar is “bad”, and although very informative, I felt like it was very been there done that. So 2015.  So naturally it inspired to me write my own post about why I hate that nasty, yucky ingredient. Now I’m not talking…

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  • We all Struggle with it…Self Control With Food

    Jan 11

    Some people are born with immense amounts of self control and can easily say no to cake or rich and creamy treats. I am not one of those people. When I am at the counter of a local coffee shop and I see scones and croissants and CINNAMON BUNS (my absolute weakness) I cave more often than not. For years…

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