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  • Acne Prone? You Need This Makeup In Your Life…Now

    Feb 23

    LET’S TALK “ACNE SAFE MAKEUP” Ok. So I have a major problem with brands calling themselves “acne safe”,”skin clearing”, “acne fighting”, “won’t clog pores”, “noncomedogenic”, etc but having so many pore clogging and acne triggering ingredients.  Coconut oil in foundation/lotion? NO just NO. I wrote more about that in this post.   FYI I used to be that girl who believed…

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    Jan 31

    I’ve been super into cold therapy lately. Remember when I talked about ice cube facials and all the benefits? Well let’s just say I’ve been doing a bit more than that.  I upgraded my inflammation fighting and collagen boosting cold therapy obsession to standing in a chamber set to -150 degrees F.  Yes, that’s a thing.  It’s called cryotherapy…and it’s AMAZING!…

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  • Health Shaming Is A Thing And It Needs To Stop

    Jan 26

    Have you ever encountered this situation? You are out to eat with a group of friends or colleagues.  Everyone orders their food, and when it’s your turn, you order a salad  with no cheese, an olive oil based dressing, and extra avocado.  All the sudden you get eye rolls, and remarks about you “making everyone else feel bad”.  You laugh it off, but…

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  • Kayleigh Christina 5 Day Cleanse

    Dec 21

    It’s hereeeee!!!!!  Guys I am so excited that the Kayleigh Christina Whole Foods 5 Day Cleanse is FINALLY HERE!! Just in time for a last minute Christmas gift too. FRIENDS THAT CLEANSE TOGETHER STAY TOGETHER …that’s how the saying goes right?? I have spent countless hours putting together the best information and recipes in this book for you all.  …

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  • How To Go A Week Without Washing Your Hair

    Dec 13

    Guys I did my first Youtube video (posted below)!!  I definitely plan on doing more, but bear with me as my video editing skills are nooooot the best. So I totally winged this one with no editing, and just posted it from my phone.  I was really feeling it so WHY NOT. I decided randomly to do this video because every…

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  • Ice Cube Facials: A Bomb Dot Com Beauty Tip

    May 19

    Yup you read that right. Ice Cube Facials! Sooo I kinda sorta really love these.  Like A LOT. Remember back in high school when you would twist your ankle playing sports and the trainer’s instructions were to go home, elevate your leg, and ice it to bring down the swelling?  Well same goes for your face!  Ice = reduces swelling.…

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  • Top 11 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

    Apr 19

    I was talking to one of my best friend’s the other day and she told me that after having an appointment with her doctor she was told to avoid inflammatory foods and incorporate more anti-inflammatory foods.  When she called me, she said she is totally willing to do this, but what are those foods that will decrease inflammation? Better yet,…

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  • Model Lauren LeBouef Talks American Eagle Campaign, Eating Clean & Inspiring Others

    Mar 8

    Happy Tuesday!!  Today is a great day because I have the gorgeous Lauren LeBouef on the blog!  Lauren is a freelance model living in San Diego.  She has modeled for American Eagle, Brandy Melville, Sun Diego, Show Me Your Mumu, Valleau Apparel, and many more!  After interviewing Lauren I learned how incredibly down to earth, faith driven, and extremely humble…

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  • Talking With The Creator Of Boho Beach Babe, Noelle Huerta

    Feb 23

    So one of my absolute favorite parts since launching this blog has been getting the chance to connect with some amazing beyond amazing people.  One of my favorite quotes was said by Jim Ron, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”  I believe this also extends to who you chose to surround yourself…

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