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Cape Rey Carlsbad: A Wellness Experience

May 24


The other week I was invited to experience Cape Rey Carlsbad‘s new Wellness Program, BE WELL.  Honestly, this experience came at the perfect time. My stress was through the roof and I needed someone to physically pull me away from my computer. This was the excuse I needed to SLOW DOWN and mentally de-stress.

I am such a fresh air lover so as soon as I checked into my room I immediately opened the balcony doors (<<I always do this!) I took a few moments to breathe in the fresh ocean air and before I changed into my yoga clothes for an afternoon flow.

Cape Rey’s new BE WELL program is all about BEING fit, fueled, renewed, and adventurous.

So after I changed, I headed down to the outdoor courtyard where I met with some familiar and not so familiar faces that were also invited to join! We noshed on some AMAZING fresh fruit, salads, and my personal favorite, the ginger elixir with charred lemon.

I was all about this elixir and may or may not have gone back from 4 more. Anything ginger and lemon have my heart.


Our yoga flow was super unique. It was a combination of different styles of yoga, qigong, dance, meditation and rehab stretching. Minh Nguyen is the certified fitness specialist and nutrition educator at Cape Rey and passionate about  mentally, physically, and spiritually balancing which I 100% felt through the way this class was taught.

After yoga we had a short break before dinner. It was now time for the BE FUELED part of the experience and I was most excited for this! I mean do you see this tablescape??  – – – Oh my gosh! I was blown away, first off #goals, secondly can my table at home be decorated like this every day please?


Chef Teri Mclllwain is the culinary director at Cape Rey and I am OBSESSED WITH HER!!! She gave us a little intro as well as described each course that was brought  out. She used to be an organic private chef  and former nutritional chef for the Chopra Center (how cool?).  Once a week Chef Teri goes to the local farmers market and personally picks out the produce for Cape Rey, the menu is changed based on what is in season and fresh that week. Cape Rey also has a personal fisherman…yup you read that right! A personal fisherman that catches their fish that Chef Teri creates beautiful menu items around. Told you I was obsessed!

My favorite part about the evening is after we got our pictures in, we all put away our phones for an evening of chatting, getting to know each other, and LOTS of laughing. It was real connection, away from the computer, away from social media, and we really got to soak it all in.

The next morning we were greeted with breakfast in bed. I went with the eggs and avocado + a peach and ginger smoothie.


Post breakfast was a morning yoga flow on the beach, just right across the street! I was totally in my element. It was a little chilly out but there is something so relaxing about a chilly grey sky morning that makes yoga flowing even more enjoyable. (anyone feel me on this?!)


Okay now for part I had been waiting for…THE SPA!! I live for a massage. But seriously, I do.  Self care = everything. Normally I’m a total deep tissue kind of person but I was feeling like making a switch and went with the aromatherapy. Rather than working out the kinks and knots like a deep tissue, an aromatherapy massage is all about relaxing to heal the body and mind. What I like most about these massages is the essential oils penetrates your body through the skin and has positive effects on your mood, alleviates pain, helps the body detoxify, and lets you zen out.

We wrapped up the experience with one last amazing meal.  Surprise surprise, I went with the salmon salad. It just never steers me wrong, and knowing how fresh the salmon was, there was no way I wasn’t getting it.

Cape Rey is all about helping you find balance through fitness, personalized nutrition coaching, to healthy dining options and spa retreats.  The coolest part about all of this – all of these expereinces are of course avaialble to guests but also the locale community. You can dine, spa, have personal nutrition coaching, meal prepped food, and partake it fitness classes even if you aren’t staying at the hotel! They are all about bringing the locale community together to find balance.

For more information about Cape Rey Carlsbad:

For more information about their BE WELL Program:


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