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A Not So Typical Valentine’s Day Post: Part 2

Feb 14

Last year I posted A Not-So-Typical Valentine’s Day post about the different people you see on social media when it comes to Valentine’s Day & 5 experiences vs. presents to share. I ended up getting so much feedback I thought I would post a part 2!

Again this year you will NOT find Matt and I exchanging expensive gifts, getting super dressed up, or at a fancy restaurant.  Actually…we don’t even have dinner reservations.  To be clear, it’s totally cool if all the above things are what you do, because you do you.  Everyone is different, this is just what Matt and I enjoy and maybe a few things will inspire you along the way.

We talked through a few ideas last night…literally the day before Valentine’s Day about what we wanted to do.  We decided on hitting up OB Noodle House for some delicious Asian infused cuisine with a chill atmosphere…maybe we’ll even get a little rowdy and have some homemade sake.  Afterwards… who knows! Maybe we’ll go for a walk on the beach, maybe we’ll go home and relax. No idea!  We just plan on going with the flow and enjoying the night.

The reason why we are so laid back about Valentine’s Day is because personally we feel gifts don’t buy or express love.  Love expresses love.  Spending time with one another is most important. Actions speak louder than words. Our way of making Valentine’s extra special is showing that we value, respect, and love each other above all else.  We connect and simply spend time together without any distractions.  When we can remove ourselves from the craziness and cluster that life brings, it allows us to just be us.  So I want to share a few tips on how to dig deeper and connect, and reduce the stress and hype that VDay brings.  Valentine’s day should be filled with laughter, love, words, and special moments.  Getting reallllll sappy here, HA!



Yup that’s right. No snapchatting or instastoring how cool your VDay is.  Seriously, if your significant other is the most important person in  your life, then why do you need to be connected to anyone or anything else for a few hours. Hint: you don’t. So just leave to phones at home to show your partner that he/she is most important.


As in… totally be spontaneous.  Get take out and have a picnic at your favorite place, go to a “not so typical” dinner spot, make dinner at your home together, go on an adventure,  just switch it up and do something different. Decide together what you want to do instead of being demanding.


What I mean is, don’t expect your significant other to go all Bachelor style and rent a private boat with a string quartet and a chef that makes your meal right in front of you.  That’s not real life (for most people). Also, don’t expect that your significant other can read your mind and know you want the “Perfect Pinterest Valentine’s Day”.  Men and women think differently.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are certainly guys out there that go balls-to-the-wall all out for VDay, but if your man isn’t like that normally, don’t expect it to randomly shine through 1 day out of the year.


The funny thing about VDay is I feel it is so woman-focused.  It’s all about what to get the woman, and “you are going to be in trouble if you don’t bring home flowers and chocolate” YAWN. LAME. Show your man some love! Take the pressure off him and mean it when you say you “don’t want any presents”.  DO NOT just say that just to say it and then still expect presents. Just don’t.


If you both love movies, then go to the movies.  If you love to adventure and be outside, then go paddleboarding, kayaking, a hike, skiing, etc. If you like educational activities then hit up the science center, museums, or art galleries. If you love the booze then head to a winery, brewery, or an old school arcade bar.  The important part is that you are doing something you both love while laughing and spending time together.  Below are some of our past Valentine’s Day dates.




Guys, this is SO IMPORTANT! I simply can’t express this enough. There is nothing more spirit-crushing then telling your significant other that “so and so did THIS for Valentine’s Day…I wish you would do that”. OH MY GOSH JUST NO. That is rude, disheartening, disrespectful, and extremely hurtful.  I have known so many people to pull this card, so just don’t.  If your friend’s significant other goes all out for VDay, doesn’t mean yours is going to.


Be honest and on the same page about what you both want out of Valentine’s Day.  It’s a fragile day where emotions are heightened.  Is your significant other going to surprise you?  Are they making a reservations at a super special place? What do both of your want out of the day.  If you talk about this pre-Valentine’s Day then no one’s feelings get hurt.  Be open, honest, and agree upon something that makes you both happy.

What have been your favorite past Valentine’s Day activities? Anyone else do a chill VDAY?

xx Kayleigh

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