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  • I Had A Breast Tumor, Here’s What Happened

    Oct 8

    I waited a long time to share this experience. It’s one that I’ve wanted to keep private, but the more vulnerable I’ve been here on my blog, my Balancing Your Hustle Podcast, and on Instagram the more feedback I get from women (and men) going through similar experiences, stop feeling so alone. I think the more we talk about difficult…

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  • Triple Berry Chocolate Smoothie

    Jul 16

    This is quite honestly the perfect summer smoothie!  It’s insanely refreshing, hydrating, protects your skin against UV sun damage,  and low ingredients so you don’t feel bloated after. This smoothie has been on repeat the last 2 weeks in my kitchen. There is something so refreshing about berries when it’s really hot out. I crave more berry smoothies in the…

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  • Cape Rey Carlsbad: A Wellness Experience

    May 24

      The other week I was invited to experience Cape Rey Carlsbad‘s new Wellness Program, BE WELL.  Honestly, this experience came at the perfect time. My stress was through the roof and I needed someone to physically pull me away from my computer. This was the excuse I needed to SLOW DOWN and mentally de-stress. I am such a fresh…

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  • Lemon Dill Salmon with Dairy Free Ranch

    May 3

    Ooooook guys…this one is good. Like really really really good. I never buy dill, I think I just forget about it most times, but I happen to buy fresh dill the other day to make a homemade ranch dressing and I thought…why not us it on the salmon I was making. THANK GOODNESS I did because dill just adds such…

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  • Super Seed “Oatmeal” without the Oats (Grain-free, Gluten-free, Dairy-free)

    Feb 27

    Happy Tuesday! Yesterday I was really craving a warm oatmeal. It’s been FREEZING here in San Diego…okay I’m exaggerating it’s been like 55 degrees, but hey that’s cold for San Diego! Anyways, I really wanted a cozy breakfast to go with my morning coffee, and I just wasn’t feeling the “oats” in oatmeal. Having Celiac, I can be very sensitive…

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  • Creamy Avocado Pesto

    Nov 8

    For this recipe I just threw a bunch of ingredients into a blender, whipped it up, it tasted DEEELISH but I totally forgot to write any measurements down! Per usual… That’s pretty much how it goes every time I cook.  I am notorious for not measuring which is definitely why I am NOT a baker. I just throw things together. It’s…

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  • Gratitude: A Healthy Holiday Guide For a Paleo Thanksgiving

    Nov 2

    Hello hello! I am SUPER excited to announce my friend Christina (@Addicted To Lovely) and I have written Gratitude: A Healthy Holiday Guide For A Paleo Thanksgiving.  It’s your personal guide to a stress-free, mindful, and delicious holiday season.   The idea actually came about when Christina visited back in August. We had so much fun talking about our goals, dreams,…

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  • Double Dark Chocolate Chip Smoothie

    Oct 16

    I have been in a serious DARK CHOCOLATE mood lately. Rich, creamy, delicious chocolate. I am always looking for ways to turn a dessert into a smoothie while keeping it healthy and full of benefits.  The more chocolate the better! As far as smoothies go I opt for a raw or minimally processed cacao rather than cocoa. Both come from the…

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  • I Ran a Marathon Without Training: How & Why

    May 8

    “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go” – T.S. Eliot Yup you read title that right…I ran a marathon without training. Do I recommend this? Absolutely not.  This is not a “how to run a marathon without training” article. Let me first state a few things as to not mislead anyone: At…

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  • Strawberry Maca Cashew Butter: Mood and Energy Boosting

    Apr 19

    Recently I’ve been playing around with what I like to call “SUPER BUTTERS”. They are nut butters with enhanced benefits, therefore making them SUPER! Nut butters whether it be almond, cashew, macadamia, pecan, are my favorite! I put them on top of coconut yogurt bowls and cauliflower rice bowls, in smoothies, dip sweet potatoes or carrots in them, on gluten-free…

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Kayleigh Christina

Kayleigh is a force in the wellness space that after years of suffering severe digestive issues, post birth control syndrom, leaky gut, and celiac disease she discovered what you put into your body is directly related to how you look and feel. Kayleigh the co-founder of CLEARstem Skincare, the first anti-aging and anti-acne line with zero toxins, co-host of the Balancing Your Hustle Podcast and author of Healing with Apple Cider Vinegar: 115 Recipes for Health, Beauty and Home. She has been featured in a variety of podcasts as well as the San Diego Voyager, Chicago Tribune, NY Daily News, and on Good Morning LALA Land. 

Her why: To connect, make a positive impact and inspire people to become the best possible versions of themselves. You can follow along on Instagram for the most up to date things in her life on Instagram: Kayleigh.Christina

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