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Kayleigh Christina Clark is the creative blogger and influencer behind Kayleigh Christina,
a wellness and lifestyle blog. She is also a Certified Holistic Health Coach
and the creator of the KC 5-Day Whole Foods Cleanse.






  • Creamy Avocado Pesto

    Nov 8

    For this recipe I just threw a bunch of ingredients into a blender, whipped it up, it tasted DEEELISH but I totally forgot to write any measurements down! Per usual… That’s pretty much how it goes every time I cook.  I am notorious for not measuring which is definitely why I am NOT a baker. I just throw things together. It’s…

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  • Gratitude: A Healthy Holiday Guide For a Paleo Thanksgiving

    Nov 2

    Hello hello! I am SUPER excited to announce my friend Christina (@Addicted To Lovely) and I have written Gratitude: A Healthy Holiday Guide For A Paleo Thanksgiving.  It’s your personal guide to a stress-free, mindful, and delicious holiday season.   The idea actually came about when Christina visited back in August. We had so much fun talking about our goals, dreams,…

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  • Double Dark Chocolate Chip Smoothie

    Oct 16

    I have been in a serious DARK CHOCOLATE mood lately. Rich, creamy, delicious chocolate. I am always looking for ways to turn a dessert into a smoothie while keeping it healthy and full of benefits.  The more chocolate the better! As far as smoothies go I opt for a raw or minimally processed cacao rather than cocoa. Both come from the…

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  • I Ran a Marathon Without Training: How & Why

    May 8

    “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go” – T.S. Eliot Yup you read title that right…I ran a marathon without training. Do I recommend this? Absolutely not.  This is not a “how to run a marathon without training” article. Let me first state a few things as to not mislead anyone: At…

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  • Strawberry Maca Cashew Butter: Mood and Energy Boosting

    Apr 19

    Recently I’ve been playing around with what I like to call “SUPER BUTTERS”. They are nut butters with enhanced benefits, therefore making them SUPER! Nut butters whether it be almond, cashew, macadamia, pecan, are my favorite! I put them on top of coconut yogurt bowls and cauliflower rice bowls, in smoothies, dip sweet potatoes or carrots in them, on gluten-free…

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  • A Filling Tahini Eggs & Veggie Bowl + How To Shop For Eggs

    Apr 14

    I like to keep it simple for breakfast. Even though smoothie bowls with 5000x toppings look gorgeous, I want something easy, quick, filling, and most of all nourishing. Eating a higher protein, fat, and veggie based breakfast is going to keep you fuller for longer, turn off hunger hormones, and keep you energized and focused throughout your morning. Eggs are…

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  • Acne Prone? You Need This Makeup In Your Life…Now

    Feb 23

    LET’S TALK “ACNE SAFE MAKEUP” Ok. So I have a major problem with brands calling themselves “acne safe”,”skin clearing”, “acne fighting”, “won’t clog pores”, “noncomedogenic”, etc but having so many pore clogging and acne triggering ingredients.  Coconut oil in foundation/lotion? NO just NO. I wrote more about that in this post.   FYI I used to be that girl who believed…

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  • The New and Improved

    Feb 21

    What’s up?! Welcome to the new and improved! I created this blog and resource for all things healthy living a little over a year so it was time for a little makeover.  Take a look around, stay awhile. What’s new? ASK KAYLEIGH For starters, my favorite part is an interactive way for me to answer questions from you guys, it’s…

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  • Why Having A Large Wedding Party Was The Best Decision Ever

    Feb 16

    I had 13 bridesmaids. Let that just sink in. 13 different, amazing, incredible women. Our entire wedding party had 26 people including Matt and I.  Three of them are not pictured because my beautiful momma friend Allie was 3 weeks away from having her baby girl so her and her husband Curt could not fly across the county for our wedding.…

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  • A Not So Typical Valentine’s Day Post: Part 2

    Feb 14

    Last year I posted A Not-So-Typical Valentine’s Day post about the different people you see on social media when it comes to Valentine’s Day & 5 experiences vs. presents to share. I ended up getting so much feedback I thought I would post a part 2! Again this year you will NOT find Matt and I exchanging expensive gifts, getting super…

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Kayleigh Christina

Kayleigh is a force in the wellness space that after years of suffering sever digestive issues, imbalanced hormones, a liver disorder, celiac disease and inflamed organs discovered what you put into your body is directly related to how you look and feel. She has a passion for all things wellness living by her 8 Pillars for a Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle: Drink Lots, Eat Mindfully, Sleep Well, Stress Less, Love More, Sweat Regularly, Self-Care, and Be Present. Kayleigh believes that looking at the positive side of everything sets you up for a healthy and happy mindset. For example, you should never have cheat meals, but instead treat yourself. With an authentic voice and #NoNegativity attitude, Kayleigh created this blog as a space for people who want to grow into their happiest and healthiest self.

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